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Bet odds Analysis: The pre-match bet odds comparison of the matches, betting odds, falling or rising odds, analysis such as with which odds in past matches.

Technical analysis: Technical analysis of teams in all football leagues in the world, club, player information and statistics, last minute rate analysis.

High possibility predictions: Algorithm structure that can accurately predict which game style should be played and the result with a high success rate by analyzing all the matches to be played.

The analysis made with the betting odds provided by the Turkish betting company is written as a forecast on our site or application. Depending on this situation, coupons are shared. It is not personal.

This website is not a betting site. It is not related to any betting company except advertisements. Is a football analysis and football news website that provides information, statistics to its members or visitors with a computer algorithm, predicts possible results and shares this information with its members.

It is not important to us whether the visitors or members make bets using the information of our site, play the coupons they make, or whether the coupons they make are successful.

Our website does not advertise any illegal gambling company according to the laws of Turkey. Necessary explanations have been made in our Privacy and Advertising Policy section. Our website continues its broadcasting life within the framework of the laws determined by the laws in every aspect.

If we have predicted or made predictions about the matches, our predictions are shared with our members free of charge on our site. We make a connection between our predictions and computer analysis and make comments (with our experience) depending on the power balance of the teams we have observed for years and other match conditions.

Since there is a luck factor in games of chance, even the most reliable coupons can get negative results from time to time. The coupons that our members will / will not create by using our match predictions or analysis pages (algorithms) are at their own savings.

Since the games of chance are open to abuse, some malicious people who want to take advantage of your weaknesses may try to sell you coupons with attractive titles such as “Paid coupons”, “Guarantee coupons”, “Fixed Matches” and want to earn a profit. Ignore such people and don’t believe them. Don’t waste money. Since this topic is a sensitive subject, we had to explain it on our site.

If our site members have logged in to our site / system at any time during their membership (after logging in), they can see if we have a match prediction or they can make their own coupons with high chance by creating their own predictions with the algorithm pages. Or, if there are coupons or coupons that we have created for us during the day with our own opinion, they can view them.

Our site does not give any guarantee / (in anybody) to anybody such as “this will keep” or “this income”. Our site does not make promises to anybody such as “Play this coupon and win”, “This coupon keeps”. Nothing is guaranteed and football is a game and it is based on probabilities.

Our earnings from this site consist of PAID MEMBERSHIP and ADVERTISEMENTS of third parties posted on our site. The content and legal responsibility of the free APIs or other automatically displayed advertisements that we use on our site belong to the advertisers. Data for Live Match Results is provided externally. The API provider is responsible for any annoying content or advertisements that may appear on our site through their APIs. If you encounter such a situation, report it to us by e-mail. If we deem necessary, we may remove the third-party software used immediately.

In order to make predictions or predict according to various statistics with the algorithm that examines the betting odds numerically given to us or the odds differences, it provides our members with a kind of analysis-based recommendation / suggestion result prediction. Algorithms that we think will contribute to their success in joint bets by finding some factors that we believe to be a chance to bet on football matches and notify our members are currently being developed continuously. We examine almost every aspect of football matches with the odds played in the world and opened by the betting company before the match in detail. In this way, we save the trouble of examining these matches one by one in order for our members to achieve success. We offer suggestions for a game strategy with reasonable probabilities in the triangle of odds / logic / game type. We aim to increase the chances of our members with high rates, analysis and forecasts within the framework of this triangle as much as possible.

Estimates and league we analyze our’ve achieved the highest success rates respectively Turkey Super League, German Bundesliga, England premier and other national and regional leagues, Belgium, Italy series, the Dutch league, Brazil League, Argentina, Colombia, France leagues Iceland, South Korea, America Spain La liga, Japan and China leagues, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Australia A-League, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Belarus, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay Leagues, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Ireland, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Romania and other countries. The most successful predictions we make are goal count predictions, goals with or without goals, first half result predictions, match result predictions and other types of bets.