Hello to everyone. Today we will examine the Brazil leagues, the capital of the world for football. You surely know that the heart of football beats in Brazil. Brazilian leagues are valued by everyone both for creating world-famous football players and for their quality teams.

Football life in Brazil begins before you are born. Football is a way of life, a philosophy of life rather than sports. Since the Brazilian leagues fight with this passion for football, the matches that the world enjoys by him take place.

Serie A is one of the leading football leagues of Brazil, which is known to have hosted many world stars football players at a young age by putting forward his talent in football as a young child. Serie A, Brazil’s top football league, was founded in 1959. There are twenty teams in Serie A within the CONMEBOL confederation. These twenty teams compete with each other for a season by playing matches. These league matches are held in the summer season, when the weather is hot, as Brazil is located in the temperate and hot climate zone. In the scorecard of the season opened in the summer, the top four teams from the last fall into Serie B, a sub-league of Serie A.

The team with the most championships in Serie A is the Palmeiras football team, which has been the champion 10 times. Santos is followed by 8 championships and Corinthians with 7 championships. Other successful teams of the league are the São Paulo and Flamengo teams. Now, in the 2021 season, teams such as Flemengo, Internacional and Atletico Mineiro are at the top of the score table in the Brazilian Serie A football league.
In Brazil, which is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to football, the teams that fell from Serie A due to lack of points continue to fight in Serie B. Serie B, the second tier football league, was established in 1971.
Serie B, the second tier league, is also known as Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. Similar to Serie A, there are a total of twenty teams in Serie B. Also included in the CONMEBOL confederation, the last four teams in Serie B are relegated to a lower league.
Chapecoense, América Mineiro, Juventude, Cuiabá are the leading teams in Serie B during the 2020-2021 season we are currently in. The top four teams of this league qualify for promotion to Serie A, while the teams in the last four will fall into Serie C.
Now let’s get to Série C league, which is the third degree football league. Serie C is the third best quality league after Serie A and Serie B. Serie C, which is often referred to as Campeonato Brasileiro Série C, has lower financial means, so matches are divided into regional leagues rather than one-on-one.
Serie C was founded in 1981 and has twenty teams. The most successful teams in the regional leagues of Serie C try to move up to the other top leagues respectively. The lower league of Serie C are regional league groups, also known as Serie D. The Serie C teams, which are in the last places, fall into Serie D.
Finally, we have to talk about Brazil’s national team. The Brazilian national team, one of the world’s best quality and most successful football leagues, is known for its reputation for taking part in every world cup ever held. Brazil uses the nickname “Selecao”, which means “the chosen” for its national team.
Also Brazil won the championship in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002, winning the championship in five of the twenty world cups it participated in.

Yes, in today’s article, we examined the Brazilian leagues that have a special importance in world football, namely serie a, serie b, serie c and national team. We really are not exaggerating. Brazilian leagues are the leagues that earn the world or football stars such as Pele and Ronaldo. Every football player that has grown in this country, which is the center of Futnol, has his name mentioned.
I shared with you the information I have compiled about such important leagues. It consists of leagues with a lot of bets on Brazilian football, which is watched by enjoying every match. We tried to write down what you need to know both in bets as well as while watching World Cup matches.

Football teams of Brazil Series A 2020 season: Flamengo, Internacional, Atletico MG, Sao Paulo, Fluminense, Gremio, Palmeiras, Santos FC, Athletico Paranaense, Red Bull Bragantino, Ceara, Corinthians, Atletico GO, Bahia, Sport Recife, Fortaleza, Vasco da Gama, Goias, Coritiba, Botafogo RJ..

Football teams of Brazil Series B 2020 season: Chapecoense AF, America MG, Juventude, Cuiaba, CS Alagoano, Sampaio Correa, Operario Ferroviario, Ponte Preta, Cruzeiro, Avai FC, CRB, Brasil de Pelotas, Vitoria, Guarani, Confianca, Nautico, Figueirense, Parana Clube, Botafogo SP, Oeste FC.

Football teams of Brazil Series C 2020 season: Santa Cruz, Remo, Vila Nova, Paysandu, Manaus FC, EC Jacuipense, Ferroviario, Botafogo PB, Treze, Imperatriz, Ypiranga RS, Ituano FC, Londrina EC, Brusque, Tombense FC, Volta Redonda, EC Sao Jose, Criciuma, Sao Bento, Boa Esporte Clube.

Yes dear friends .. Brazilian League is the league of those who love football very much. They are generally not misleading. Usually the teams are as if they were programmed on a draw. Usually ends under 2.5 goals. Occasionally they produce surprising results. That’s why we marked the teams that you need to pay attention to in bold.

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