How did the coronavirus affect Football and the Football Industry?

The corona virus is an epidemic that affects life in all aspects. This virus, which brought life upside down, also deeply affected football. Health comes first, it was said. and while the big leagues were closing for a long or short time, leagues that we had not heard of before emerged. Unknown scores of unknown leagues caused a loss of money for most of the bettors. Yes, health is more important than anything, we know that. However, in this pandemic period, the attitudes in the football industry quickly adapted to the virus, with different reactions from all segments.

From the matches of the leagues that continue to play with the audience and bring so many people together, to the teams that play without an audience and print their fan photo on cardboard and sell seats with money … We were saying whether our eyes would see them too, and we saw them too. With the different decisions taken by various countries of the world, many oddities occurred in the field of football. We have witnessed many different situations, from those who got depressed when they couldn’t go to the stadium, to those who were upset about losing by betting on unknown leagues. Many different situations were signed with the pandemic effect of a virus that the whole world does not know what will happen. However, the deteriorating economy and social life in almost every country of the world continues to affect people negatively. Although everyone says something different about the danger of the virus spreading, to the whole world, the balances are slowly playing with the issue of the mutated virus. As I said, we take care of ourselves as people who try to continue their lives in a period when no one knows what will happen.

Whether it is a football or a bet or money, it does not matter without health. Now we do not have to bet on interesting matches of interesting leagues, at least . Let’s say this is also an improvement. We can say that football, like people, has gotten used to the corona virus. With the effect of technology, the football industry has improved itself in a world that is getting smaller and smaller. The matches, which are still played without spectators in many parts of the world, are still enough to create football excitement for bettors and fans. At the beginning of the epidemic, “Do not play a match or something, did we find our lives in the stadium?” In addition to those who say, “It should be played especially without an audience, many people make money from the football industry, do not touch anyone’s earnings.” There were also those who said. Leagues adopted one of these two views and continued on their way. People, who are now used to living with a mask, are also used to matches played without an audience. The coronavirus that started about a year and a half ago is still alive with us. Experts say the Coronavirus has no intention of going yet. As a football supporter or as a human being, our duty is mask, distance, hygiene … I hope we can play football comfortably on days without corona.

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