Hello to everyone. In this article, I’m going to talk about manipulated soccer matches.
Yes, we make bet slips to make money, we look at the odds, then matches are played and we see that we still haven’t won. Even those matches that we are sure have ended by surprise. Are we surprised? No. Because we have experienced this event many times before. Even the matches we were sure did not turn out to be what we expected. Maybe the referee did not give the obvious penalty, maybe one of the teams played like a monster in the first half and remained passive in the second half.

This match happened by accident. What about others? The only answer we can think of is the fact that the matches are fictionalized.
A fictional game is like a theater. So it is a scam. And these fictions are not just for football. However, the issue that concerns us is football. So let’s continue telling on football. It is never possible to prove that anything is fiction. Fiction, scam. For this reason, it is useful to look at each event as a fiction.

You call it tactics, I call it fiction. Understanding which team will win the match is evident even from the hints of the coaches in their speech. “We will do our best” with those who play to win. The teams that say are not one. Of course there are thousands of reasons that affect the outcome of a match. So, do you think that combining these reasons exactly each time is a real struggle or fiction?

It is very annoying that the matches you make on your coupon to earn money are not what you expected. Moreover, if you think that these matches were set up beforehand, you would be upset by putting yourself in a fool’s place. That’s why I said approach the matches as fiction too! Take a look at the score status. Who needs how many points. Who is satisfied with the place. Then imagine the match as if you were writing. What should it be?
Yes maybe not that simple! However, this editing business makes more money than you think. Those who make such big bucks are not usually the people who make bets.
You realize that just being knowledgeable is not enough to predict the outcome of the match. Maybe it’s best not to reflect on it, what do you think?

As a result, the football industry and the betting industry are the sectors that earn quite a lot of money. If you think that bookmakers grow with the money of millions of people who want to make money, you will understand what I mean much better. There is no need to worry too much. Scenarios are written and played. It’s that simple. I’m just telling you to take these into account when betting. Good bets …

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