Our EntelLig members will be able to easily read our match predictions and free daily coupons. Very soon. Increasing or decreasing odds are risk factors for matches. Stay tuned for anticipation. We wish you a little more patience.

We are making applications for Android and IOS. It takes time as a result. Everything is for you. For more accurate predictions. You will be able to download it from Google Play Store and Apple Store. We will announce it on our Social Media accounts. Please stay in touch. Become a follower on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

We will work on English, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese preparation respectively. English first. Because the world speaks and understands English.

2-day trial membership will be free. If it suits you, you can make in-app purchases. You can log in via our site, as well as access the application with the same user mail and password. You will be able to use both platforms without the need to purchase again.

See you very soon, stay healthy, don’t worry about money. With EntelLig, there is always hope to make money.

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