Nowadays, there are many resources to prevent many cheating or deception. Without these resources, it was quite difficult to play or manage matches with the old methods. In the past, the rate of making mistakes in every football match was around 90%.

Now, through the use of technology and companies providing various sports data, these obvious errors have decreased by up to 10%.
Especially the VAR system steps in at critical places such as offside, foul or penalty, and often prevents possible mistakes.

Nevertheless, is there no mistake? Of course it is done. Maybe mistake maybe deliberate. We do not know. We are concerned about the fair match management of the football referees. Because our eyes see too. Sometimes lines can be deepened with Photoshop. Sometimes unfair penalties are given. Cheating leagues take the money of bettors out of pocket. The referees can manage the match as desired by the mafia due to the danger of life and fears. This sports mafia can get its own score that ignores betting organizations in various countries of the world. Who are they? Nobody knows. But there may be such a mafia organization. Maybe we are wrong. But it is certain that everyone is playing and managing for their own benefit. Happening is happening to the bettors.
Betting companies are also aware of these. But it works. The scores of most matches are predetermined. Sensational actions of this kind of match-fixing are already more or less evident in the match. It’s impossible not to see them. No need to over iron your head. Everything is actually in the middle. You must have a good eye to see this.

These are very dangerous games. This scheme may not be understood by those who bet because they are pranks. However, in order to prevent this, sports data companies appoint representatives to football matches. They are watching. The odds are served to the world according to the criteria set by these sports companies. Betting companies offer these rates to people who bet by using these services.
We want to watch honest football matches. We don’t want to be wrong with your bets. We are losing money. But betting companies make money. We are investing money in this business. We want to get our money’s worth. Hear our voices, dear betting mafia officials. Please don’t manipulate.

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